Our activity

VENTUREXPERT is a brand fully owned by VENTUREXPERT CAPITAL, under which VENTUREXPERT UG operates as a sister company to provide professional consulting services.

In Germany, VENTUREXPERT UG is an independent company 50% owned by VENTUREXPERT CAPITAL SA. VENTUREXPERT UG has the mandate to represent the European Consortium “ONVEX”, which consists of three legal entities with one vote on the ONVEX Board.

Our structure is designed to act as a service center in Europe, guaranteeing a uniform quality of service and respect for the values independently agreed upon by each legal entity.

Each member of the ONVEX Consortium is individually committed to conducting its business in accordance with common values, standards and expectations of service quality. For example, VENTUREXPERT CAPITAL SA, as a member of the Global Compact, VENTUREXPERT UG and ON-X GROUPE, as part of the ONVEX Consortium, must apply the Code of Conduct that embodies the values of the Global Compact. Partners and employees within these companies commit themselves to act with integrity at all times.

Unless otherwise stated, references on this website to a “member company” refer to the member company of the ONVEX Consortium.

Legal entities forming the consortium "ONVEX"


Consortium created in 2020 (November)

ON-X Groupe SAS

Tribunal de Commerce de Nanterre

391 176 971
VAT FR93391176971

15 Quai de Dion Boutton
92800 Puteaux, Hauts de Seine, France,


Founded in 1986, the company is dedicated to supporting companies in all their digital transformation and cloud processes. projects. Its positioning as a specialist is recognized by the French Tech, ISO 9001 and PASSI labels. Services: Cloud services (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS and including storage, database, information, process, application, integration, security, management, testing-as-a-service, augmented reality, digital infrastructure, security, territory and information systems). Customers: Public sector, multinational corporations and mid-sized companies.


Tribunal de Commerce de Tours

B 828 468 314
VAT FR47828468314

6 Rue Descartes,
37270 Montlouis-sur-Loire, Indre-et-Loire, France,


Founded in 2017 as a niche player, its mission is to help companies achieve financial Institutions related to treasury, payments and securities. VE is also active in the following areas general ledger technology, artificial intelligence, academic consulting, data analysis and processing and Stress testing methods and their implementation.

Services: Program and project management and Business analysis. It offers services in the fields of R&D/innovation research and technological development.

Customers: Supranational organizations, global banks and market infrastructure providers. Its employees have an average of 15 or more years of professional experience in the payment and securities industry.

Venturexpert UG (haftungsbeschränkt)

Amtsgericht Frankfurt am Main

Registernummer: HRB 121073
Steuernummer: 4724762475

Taunusanlage 8,
60329 Frankfurt Am Main Hessen, Germany,


Founded in 2020 as a management consultancy and software provider with the aim of enabling Venturexpert S.A. to provide local support to German customers and to expand its customer base. Its employees are all experts in market infrastructures for payments and securities business, and the company is pursuing an aggressive expansion strategy.