Liquidity management has seen an increased offering over the last few years. Globalisation, cost reduction, managing credit risks and abundant IT tools are some of the reasons for its increased presence. Its key for COO under operational excellence, Treasury, Risk Management and CFO. With the Eurosystem and key providers offering each year better deadlines, better reporting and industry standardisation, Venturexpert has key knowledge to assist its clients.

Venturexpert consultant core expertise:

  • Liquidity management with T2S auto-collateralisation function, linked to TARGET2 T2S Auto-collateralisation is an automated process that allows to grant a credit for the purchase of a security (Delivery versus Payment (DvP) Settlement)
  • Liquidity management between T2, T2, CCBM and TIPS
  • Centralized liquidity management of future TARGET services through TARGET2/T2S consolidation (ECMS, CLM, RTGS, T2S and TIPS)
  • Liquidity management services offered by central securities depositories, custodian banks, major banks and other securities settlement providers
  • Collateral, payment and securities ISO15022/20022 reports relative to liquidity management.

Venturexpert Liquidity Management Service Offering