Banks and financial institutions (FIs) operate against a complex and challenging regulatory backdrop, and need to fully understand the scale and impact of current and imminent regulatory changes.

Where some are still working on ongoing requirements such, as CSDR, new regulation such as “Risk Reduction Measures (RRM)” package are on the desks of Compliance.

Although the Eurosystem TARGET services (T2, T2S, ECMS, CLM and TIPS) is not regulation , its services are affecting banks and FIs, where required change on its infrastructure and product offerings can be significant

Venturexpert consultant core expertise:

  • Securities regulations (CSDR, CRD, MiFIDII,…)
  • Payments regulation (PSDII, SEPA)
  • Capital Markets and Banking regulation (FRBT, IFR/IFD, CRD5, CRR2,…)
  • Change as a result of Eurosystem infrastructure changes.

Venturexpert Regulatory Change Service offering